Member Login
Log in instructions for members prior to July 1, 2012:
Enter your First Initial + Last Name(John Smith = JSMITH) as your username and your Last Name as your default password.
For example:  If your name is John Smith, your user name is JSMITH and your password is SMITH.

Log in instructions for new members as of July 1, 2012:
Enter your Member Number, including your extension (000 for primary account, 001 for non-primary account), as your user name and your last name as your password. 
For example:  If you are John and Mary Smith and your Member Number is 17778, and John is the primary account holder, then John's user name is 17778-000 and his password is SMITH.   Mary's user name is 17778-001 and her password is SMITH.

Still Cannot Login?
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